The Rutgers–Camden Legal Studies Minor – Law is the cornerstone of our political, social, and economic systems and the knowledge of law is essential in a broad variety of professional areas.   The principal mission of the proposed Legal Studies minor (LSM) is to provide core academic preparation for students who are considering careers and/or graduate programs in which knowledge of law is a distinct advantage.  There are multiple professional paths for Legal Studies majors; these include the fields of law, government and politics, criminal justice, business administration, as well as advocacy, non-profit, and community organizations.

Program Benefits

To provide students with an introduction to law and enhance one’s preparation for a law-related graduate program, law school and/or career.
Course Requirements 

All students enrolled in the Legal Studies minor must complete a total of 6 courses (18 credits) among those listed here to earn the minor.  The course requirements are as follows:

2 required courses:
50:790:106 – Introduction to Law and Legal Studies 
50:790:215 – Introduction to American Politics

4 elective courses, listed below: (12 credits; no more than 6 credits from the same department)


 Elective Courses

Political Science

50:790:323  The Legislative Process
50:790:343  Administrative Law and Public Policy
50:790:381  Judicial Process
50:790:387  International law & International Organization
50:790:401  American Constitutional Development
50:790:403  The constitution and Criminal Law
50:790:409  Law and American Civilization
50:790:414  The Supreme Court as a Political Institution
50:790:418  Politics of Mass Incarceration
50:790:426  Civil Liberties in Times of Emergency
50:790:442  Human Freedoms and the Constitution

Criminal Justice

50:202:101  Intro to Criminal Justice – formerly 201 Criminal Justice in America
50:202:204  Courts & Criminal Law
50:920:329  Law & Society
50:202:449  Ethics & Policy in Criminal Justice


50:730:201  Symbolic Logic
50:730:226  Ethics
50:730:258  Philosophy of Law
50:730:342  Political Philosophy


50:512:305  Age of the American Revolution
50:512:315  The Early American Republic
50:510:351 England in the Age of Shakespeare
50:512:325 The United States in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 1865-1918
50:512:340 The Civil Rights Movement
ST 50:512:380 Gangs of New York: Crime and Punishment in the 19th-Century City


50:790:489  Animal: Ethics & the Law


Contact/Further Info 

Dr. Anthony Grasso, Pre-Law Advisor, Rutgers-Camden Political Science Department