Political Science Major (39 credits, 13 classes)

Students must earn at least a ‘C’ in a course for it to count towards completion of the major. Students may transfer a maximum of six courses (18 credits) from an external academic institution

All students declaring a Political Science major in Fall 2016 or later will fall under the new major requirements described below. Political Science majors who have begun their course of studies prior to Fall 2016 should see the Department Chair to confirm their requirements.

Introductory Courses (6 credits – two courses)

  • 790:101 – Introduction to Politics
  • 790:102 – The Study of Politics

Subfields Courses (18 credits – six courses)

  • two courses from American Politics & Public Policy
  • two courses from International Politics
  • two courses from Political Theory & Methodology

Electives (15 credits – five courses)

Elective courses may include:

  • Internships
  • Study Abroad
  • Independent Studies
  • Honors Seminars and Theses