Expand Your World: Explore the problems, processes, and potential of global connections through interdisciplinary study.

The joint major in Global Studies and Political Science trains students to become leaders in meeting the intellectual, civic, and professional challenges of a new globalized world.


What is a joint major?

A joint major is a valuable way to build on your education by combining two major areas for a single degree. By pursuing two fields of study, you integrate the knowledge, skills, and perspectives of both majors into your curriculum.

Degree requirements
  • Completion of degree requirements for B.A. degree in Political Science (39 credits total)
  • Introduction to Global Studies core course 50:480:101 (3 credits)
  • Learning Abroad/ Study Abroad/ Study Away course (3 credits total)
  • Foreign language courses in one language (12 credits total above 101 level)
  • Elective Global themed courses (9 credits)
Double-credit courses available

With approval, students may double-count up to 12 credits taken for General Education requirements and/or the joint major.

Electives available
Where should joint majors Learn Abroad/Study Abroad/ Study Away? 

Both the Global Studies Program and the Department of Political Science have pre-approved study abroad courses for credit in the major at Rutgers, Camden. Study abroad program locations include sites in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. In addition, both Global Studies and Political Science regularly run short-term learning abroad and study away courses for travel during the winter term, Spring Break and at the end of the Spring semester. Students should consult with the director of the Global Studies Program and/or the chair of the Department of Political Science for advising.

Curriculum worksheets and samples
What can I do with a Political Science and Global Studies joint degree?

Global Studies prepares scholars and students for a range of careers in fields where a globalist outlook is increasingly considered essential:

  • Government affairs
  • International law
  • Immigration law
  • International relations and diplomacy
  • International development
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Disaster relief
  • Foreign press
  • Social work
  • Humanitarian relief
  • Interpreter services
  • Community outreach
  • Public affairs
  • Research
  • Education
Who employs Global Studies majors?
  • Government agencies
  • The United Nations
  • International companies
  • Security agencies
  • Non-Profit organizations
  • Financial service firms
  • Law firms
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Elementary/High schools
  • Foreign schools and academies
  • Tour and excursion companies
  • Travel agencies

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Graduate study preparation

One of the most significant areas of growth in U.S. colleges’ humanities and social studies recruitment of graduate students is for individuals who can bring a global perspective to their research.The Global studies program prepares undergraduate students for success in Social Science graduate programs across the country and worldwide.

The joint major prepares students for further study in international affairs, international business, peace and world studies, and global civil society, such as the M.A. in United Nations and Global Policy Studies at Rutgers–New Brunswick, among many other programs. 

Contact/Further Info

For more information on this joint major program, email the Political Sciences Department Chair, or the Global Studies co-director.