Michael Boyle
Associate Professor
Phone: (856) 225-6339
Website: https://michaelj.boyle.wordpress.com/
Vita (PDF File)



  • Ph.D., University of Cambridge (International Relations)
  • M.P.P., Harvard University (Public Policy)
  • M.Phil, University of Cambridge (International Relations)
  • B.A., La Salle University (Political Science and English)


  • At the undergraduate level, I teach a variety of courses on security studies, terrorism, insurgencies, revolutions, U.S. national security policy and Middle East politics.  I have previously taught courses on American government, research methods and ancient and modern political theory.

Research and Publications

  • My research focuses on terrorism, political violence, drones and American foreign policy.  At present, I am working on projects examining the strategies of terrorist groups in civil wars and their use of modern technology like drones.
  • Recent books include: The Drone Age: How Drone Technology Will Change War and Peace (Oxford University Press, 2020), and Non-Western Responses to Terrorism (Manchester University Press, 2019).