Jaclyn Alston

Jaclyn completed both a major in Political Science and a Minor in Legal Studies. Moreover, we are so proud of Jaclyn for entering the BA/JD 3+3 program, which has allowed her to begin her law school career a year early. As she says, preparing for admission into the program challenged her “to make every class in undergrad count and not take the time for granted!” During her time at Rutgers Jaclyn developed her interest in digital politics and constitutional law, and she reflected that the major gave her a solid foundation moving into law school, as well as a greater understanding of the world in which we live. In the coming years she will be finishing her JD and establishing her career in the legal field.

“The professors in the political science department made my experience at Rutgers so much more enjoyable due to their passion for the subject and care for their students.”


Alex Dietsch

Earning a major in Political Science, a minor in International Politics, and a certificate from the National Security Program, Alex developed an interest in human rights and vulnerable populations, especially refugees, internally-displaced people, and civilians caught in conflict. At Rutgers-Camden he started the College Democrats, which he says gave him the invaluable experience of “the opportunity to help students engage themselves in the political process while hearing everyone’s story as to why politics matters to them”. He views the best part of his education at Rutgers-Camden to be the connections he has made and the inspiring students he has met in the Department and throughout campus. In the near future Alex hopes to move to Washington, DC to pursue work in a non-profit or NGO working on protecting human rights and vulnerable populations, He also hopes to attend graduate school in DC, with the ultimate goal of pursuing a career with the U.S. State Department as a foreign service officer. 


Haylee DiLuigi

With majors in Political Science and History, and a minor in International Politics, Haylee reports that her favorite thing about Rutgers-Camden was “seeing teachers really passionate about work and helping in and out of the classroom”. She appreciated professors who helped her with internship opportunities and “who would just sit down after class and have coffee with me.” Haylee’s main interests are in the areas of international politics and women in politics, which she appreciates for the fact that these are “two subjects that were not traditionally taught to me.” In the future she hopes to pursue a Master’s Degree and then on to a Ph.D. to be able to teach Political Science.




Colin Donahue

Colin graduates with majors in both Political Science and Criminal Justice. During his time at Rutgers-Camden, Colin had the opportunity to travel on a learning abroad course to the United Kingdom with Professor Allen, which he says was his favorite experience as an undergraduate. But he also recounts that his overall time at Rutgers was a great experience and he is happy he decided to attend the University. This fall Colin will be attending Rutgers University Law School, and he would like to thank all the professors he had that care about their students so much and care for their success. As he says, “They helped make my experience at Rutgers amazing.”




Ashly Estevez

Ashley completed a major in Urban Studies with minors in Political Science and Communication. She valued the experience of being president of a Greek organization, and the friends, professional experience, and networks on campus she made in that role. Ashley’s primary interest is in women in politics and she appreciates that the study of Political Science has made her “more aware of the underlying and overlapping factors that contribute to the political climate around us”. In the coming year she will continue her work as a District Representative in the office of Congressman Donald Norcross and complete her Master’s in Public Administration at Rutgers, Camden. In the long-term, Ashley hopes to work in education policy in Washington, DC, and she sends a special thanks for Professor Dittmar!


Eric Flanegin

Eric graduates with a major in Political Science and he has valued his experience at Rutgers, Camden for the opportunity to get to know some his best friends. He has valued the study of international relations and international relations theory, which have greatly shaped his understanding of the world. Following graduation, Eric will serve as an Active Duty Infantry Officer in the United States Army.




Deana Giles

Deana graduates with a major in Political Science and a minor in History. She has particularly enjoyed the study of political theory and constitutional law, and she reflects that her time at Rutgers has made her a better thinker, writer, and a more informed citizen. She is confident that she will be able to apply these skills and knowledge in her future schooling and career, specifically as she prepares to apply for law school.



Olivia Hunt

Olivia majored in Political Science and Gender Studies, with a minor in Legal Studies. While at Rutgers, she particularly appreciated the opportunity to be part of the NEW Leadership Program through the Center for American Women & Politics at the Eagleton Institute of Politics. Olivia is most interested in the study of women in politics and elections, and she is grateful to have learned about what goes on behind the scenes in the political world and that not everything is as black and white as it appears in the media. As she says, “There is so much gray area behind policy and making the law that the rest of the world does not get to see.” Up next Olivia will be studying for the LSAT and applying to law school.

“Although Rutgers was not where I initially planned on attending, my experience proved that everything falls into place and works out how it is meant.  It is easily one of the greatest decisions of my life to attend this school.”


Ryan Jackson

Ryan is graduating with a major in Political Science and a minor in Criminal Justice. His favorite experience at Rutgers was the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy, and his interests are in international relations and national security policy. Following graduation Ryan will be working for a government agency.





Mary Lawlor

Mary is graduating with a major in Political Science and a minor in History. During her time at Rutgers, Camden, Mary has appreciated the ease of taking the train into Philly with friends to grab lunch and the opportunity to develop her interest in environmental policy. She believes her degree has prepared her for a career in public service, and she has learned how “to understand politics and government in an analytical and well-rounded way”. Mary will be continuing her education at Rutgers, Camden as a student in the Master’s Program in Public Policy and Administration. She would like to thank all of the professors and administrators at Rutgers-Camden, especially in the Political Science department, “who have made a difference in my life and have made my college experience so delightful”. She adds that “the two years I spent on this campus have been the best of my life.  I wish I came sooner!  I am looking forward to continuing with Rutgers-Camden for one more year while I finish my master’s degree, creating another year of memories!

“A degree in Political Science has taught me how to evaluate current events through the eyes of an educated professional, preparing me for a lifetime of understanding and enjoying politics, law, history and government.”


Daniella Mannino

Daniella completed majors in Political Science and Criminal Justice, and a minor in Urban Studies. Her favorite experience at Rutgers, Camden was being a part of Delta Phi Epsilon, and she enjoyed studying about women in politics and international relations. Ashley hopes to attend law school and she believes her degree has “definitely adequately prepared me for my future, and the current state of the world”. Lastly, she wants to give a shout out to Dr. Shames “for being the best professor and such an inspiration to all!”



Aubrey Moschberger

Audrey graduates with a major in Political Science. Her primary interests are in international relations, comparative politics, and women in politics. She was glad to be able to go back to school after working for a year to save money and finish her degree, and she feels the degree has prepared her for the future by improving her research and writing skills and enhancing her understanding of laws and legal opinions that impact the governance of our nation. Upon graduation she will likely be starting an internship and applying for graduate school in international relations or public policy.



Karanveer Pannu

Karanveer is graduating with a major in Political Science, a minor in Psychology, and a certificate in National Security Studies. His favorite experiences on campus were the Rutgers Days when he had the opportunity “to interact with folks and raise awareness about my Sikh Faith”. His main interest is in environmental policy, and he reflects that his degree in Political Science has given him “the tools needed to create a strong network and the critical thinking skills required for further studies”. This summer Karanveer will be starting the Master’s Program in Public Policy and Administration at Rutgers, Camden, and from there he hopes to also attend law school.


Jahnvi Patel

Jahnvi is graduating with majors in Political Science and Psychology and a minor in Legal Studies. Her favorite experiences at Rutgers, Camden have involved attending campus events, including Homecoming Week and Rutgers Day, and she has loved being on a campus that finds ways to bring all the students together. She has most enjoyed the study of comparative politics and elections, and she feels that the degree has prepared her “to respect people’s opinions and analyze the social and political issues we have in the world”. After graduation she plans to work towards her paralegal certification and eventually attend law school.


Ryan Parada

Ryan completed a major in Political Science, a minor in Legal Studies, and a certificate in National Security Studies. At Rutgers, Camden he appreciated that in every class he “had the opportunity to hear others’ perspectives on academic topics,” which he said was “by far the most valuable experience I have had while at Rutgers”. His fields of interest include regional politics and constitutional law. Upon graduation, Ryan will begin a Master’s program at Johns Hopkins University in Government, with a concentration in Security Studies. He would like to thank all the professors and staff at Rutgers, Camden for “making this journey not only possible but truly a life-changing four years. Best of luck to everyone in their future endeavors.”

“Without my degree from Rutgers, I would not have had the opportunities to work with several different attorneys, learn a wide range of topics within political science and, explore many schools of thought within the field. This degree has widened my perspective while enforcing my values and beliefs.” 


Caroline Rankovic

Caroline graduates with a major in Political Science and a minor in Paralegal Studies. During her time at Rutgers-Camden she has enjoyed learning about world issues, history, the power of memory, and the power of political dissatisfaction, and she is grateful to the dedicated professors who inspired her through thought provoking research. Her main interests are in women in politics, international relations, public policy, and inequality, and she feels the degree in Political Science has prepared her to excel in any branch of government where her career leads her. As the mother of three children under the age of five, Caroline strives to be the best version of herself and a positive role model for her children. She says that “no matter what obstacles there are, they’re worth facing; and it is ok to question everything. Hard work and sacrifice never go unnoticed, and with enough motivation any goal can be accomplished, never stop trying.” She is forever grateful to her husband for all of his support and encouragement while she was dedicated to her studies. 


“My grandmother told my parents to give me a strong name built for a future Supreme Court Justice, so I am not discounting her faith and encouragement in that goal! For now, I am going to strive to further my education and encourage challenges to embolden my personal growth. I am prepared for anything and eager to adapt to the changes in politics, and evolve accordingly to meet the highest standard for all future achievements.” 


Sam Tuero

Sam graduates with a major in Political Science. At Rutgers, Sam reflects that he has appreciated the opportunity to serve with campus leaders on the executive boards of the Political Science Society, Student Government Association, and Define American. In particular, Sam says that his “favorite experience in my four years at Rutgers-Camden was the time spent on the e-board of PSS (the Political Science Society)”, where he “learned the hard work and value of hosting events and bringing political awareness around important issues to campus.” His primary interests involve community organizing, political campaigning, and race relations in the United States, and he hopes to continue to find new ways to impact his community and organize around social issues across the state and country. Upon graduation he will work while preparing for the LSAT and eventually law school. Sam would like to say “Thank you to everyone in the Political Science department for all that you do for your students. It is because of you all that I’ve had the best four years I could have asked for at Rutgers-Camden and why I’ll be prepared for whatever comes next. A special thank you to Lisa Alston, Dr. Dittmar, Dr. Shames, Dr. Bowers, and Dr. Donaghy, for your guidance, teachings, and conversations throughout my four years.”

“My political science degree has prepared me to brave the new world we are all currently operating in and how to adapt to the moment appropriately. The Political Science degree prepares us to handle current crises and prevent future ones from happening altogether.”