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Courses & Schedules

All Course offerings in Political Science are divided into the three areas of concentration listed below.

  1. American Politics and Public Policy
  2. International Politics
  3. Political Theory and Methodology

American Politics and Public Policy

790:103 Basic Urban Issues
790:205 American State and Local Government
790:215 Introduction to American Politics
790:220 The Socially Responsible University
790:296 Practical Politics
790:307 Public Policy Analysis
790:308 New Jersey Politics
790:323 The Legislative Process
790:331 Urban Policy and Economic Development
790:332 Urban Political Systems
790:333 U.S. Intelligence Community
790:342 Principles of Public Administration
790:343 Administrative Law and Public Policy
790:346 Urban Legal Problems
790:349 Money and Politics
790:351 Political Parties in the United States
790:352 Voting and Opinion
790:353 Interest Groups and Social Movements
790:354 Public Opinion
790:356 Women and American Politics
790:359 Politics and Media
790:360 Urban Public Policy
790:363 American Federalism
790:364 Politics of Minority Groups
790:365 Gender, Race & Public Policy
790:366 U.S. Environmental Politics
790:381 Judicial Process
790:388 U.S. National Security Policy
790:395 Formulation of American Foreign Policy
790:401 American Constitutional Development
790:403 The Constitution and Criminal Law
790:407 The American Presidency
790:408 Bureaucracy and Democracy
790:409 Law and American Civilization
790:414 The Supreme Court as a Political Institution
790:426 Civil Liberties in Times of Emergencies
790:434 Government, Business, and American Politics
790:435 Counter Terrorism Strategies
790:442 Human Freedoms and the Constitution
790:447 Critical Issues in American Government
790:456 Public Sector Personnel Policy

International Politics

790:210 Introduction to Comparative Politics
790:211 Introduction to International Relations
790:284 Geography and the World
790:305 Western European Politics
790:306 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
790:311 Latin American Politics
790:316 East Asian Politics
790:318 Comparative Public Policy
790:320 Contemporary American Foreign Policy
790:322 Problems in Contemporary International Politics
790:324 International Political Economy
790:328 Comparative Politics of Developing Nations
790:330 Comparative Politics of Eastern Europe
790:335 African Politics
790:336 Middle Eastern Politics
790:337 South and Southeast Asian Politics
790:338 Government and Business in the International System
790:339 Chinese Politics
790:357 Global Development
790:358 Democracy and Dictatorship
790:380 Women and Politics in Developing Societies
790:387 International Law and International Organizations
790:410 Comparative Constitutional Law
790:412 Civil Society and Political Development
790:420 Seminar on War and Peace
790:427 Energy Security Policy
790:429 Global Views of American Power
790:430 Contemporary Propaganda

Political Theory and Methodology

790:304 Politics and Culture
790: 326 Government and Free Markets
790:350 Violence, Revolution and Terrorism
790:355 Political Behavior
790:371 Classical Political Theories
790:372 Modern Political Theory
790:375 American Political Thought
790:390 Empirical Political Theory
790:391 Quantitative Methods in Political Science
790:411 Dystopian Government in Futuristic Fiction
790:413 Political Methodology
790:416 Seminar in Political Development
790:480 Radical Politics