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Lisa Alston
Department Secretary
401 Cooper Street
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 225-2936

Dr. Shauna Shames quoted expert in 2015’s Best and Worst States for Women’s Equality | WalletHub®
Welcome new faculty member Melanie Bowers!
Dr. Dittmar is a co-principal investigator of project "Women Representing in an Era of Party Polarization"
Dr. Shauna Shames' Article in The Washington Post
Katherine Blair

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Student Award Winners for 2014-2015
Katherine Blair

The Department of Political Science offers a number of awards each year in recognition of outstanding student performance in the areas of academic achievement and leadership. The Departmental Faculty… Read More

Politics, from the Greek, politikos (πολιτικός): The art and science of influencing people, policy and government.

The Political Science major introduces students to the study of politics by exploring the tools, skills and theories of how power is exercised in government and in groups in the United States, in other societies and across nations. The major also opens the door to:

  1. Experiential learning through internships and study abroad;
  2. An accelerated BA/MPA degree
  3. Individual research in the most active department honors program on campus
  4. Graduate and professional studies including law, public policy, and public administration;
  5. Careers in legislative work, elections, lobbying and policy advocacy organizations, national security, and digital politics.