The Department of political science offers a wide range of courses for students who wish to major or minor with an eye toward a professional career as well as graduate studies in political science and public policy. (See Career Tracks in Political Science)  

Major Requirements

Students at presidential election discussion
Presidential Election Discussion, 2012

Students must complete thirteen courses in the Department (39 credits), including 50:790:101 Introduction to Politics and at least two courses from each of the three areas of concentration: American Politics and Public Policy, International Politics, and Political Theory and Methodology. These seven courses must be in-classroom or hybrid courses through the Camden Political Science Department unless the student has received prior approval from the department chair for an online course or one at another Rutgers Campus.  None of these courses may include internships, independent study, study abroad trips, etc. Courses that are not taken in-classroom may count toward the 39 credits to complete the major, but a student may take no more than 9 credits such classes in total. The Honors Research course 50:790:394 may be taken in addition to these 9 credits. Only grades of C or better will count toward fulfillment of the requirement for all 39 credits toward the major, and at least 15 of these credits must be taken at Rutgers University.