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These requirements are only for students previously enrolled in the National and Homeland Security Minor.

Please register this Minor with the Registrar – Minor Code 900

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Brief Description of Minor (18 credits) 
The U.S Government once called our primary challenge for this century “The Long War,” more popularly known as the War on Terror, but other important long-term national security challenges also loom: the rise of China, energy and natural resource shortages, global warming and pandemic disease, among others.

This Political Science Minor offers students a range of courses which address the new direct challenges to national security and intelligence gathering posed by threats such as terrorism, primarily global jihadist terrorism, the rise of China as a future global leader and the impact of unequal resource distribution on global power relationships, among other topics.

Requirements for the Minor for Majors: 
Completion of the Minor for Majors requires 18 credits ( 6 courses). Two political science courses ( 6 credits) may be counted both towards the Minor as well as towards the Political Science Major.

Requirements for the Minor for Non-Majors: 
Completion of this Minor requires 18 credits (six courses)

The following course is required but it is NOT a prerequisite for taking the remaining courses listed below. 
FOUNDATION COURSE: 50:790: 388 U.S. National Security Policy

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES whatsoever will any student be permitted to substitute an independent study course for the required National Security Establishment course.  All minors should plan their schedules accordingly to fulfill this requirement.

The remaining course requirements may be selected from the list below:

50:790:284 Geography and the World 
50:790:296 Practical Politics:  Internships in National Security
50:790:311 Latin American Politics
50:790:316 East Asian Politics
50:790:320 Contemporary American Foreign Policy 
50:790:322 Problems in Contemporary International Politics 
50:790:333 U.S. Intelligence Community
50:790:336 Middle Eastern Politics
50:790:337 South and Southeast Asian Politics    
50:790:350 Violence, Revolution and Terrorism
50:790:387 International Law and International Organizations
50:790:388 U.S. National Security Policy        
50:790:395 Formulation of American Foreign Policy
50:790:403 The Constitution and Criminal Law
50:790:420 Seminar in War and Peace 
50:790:426 Civil Liberties in Times of Emergencies 
50:790:427 Energy Security Policy
50:790:429 Global Views of American Power
50:790:430 Contemporary Propaganda
50:790:435 Counter-Terrorism Strategies
50:790:442 Human Freedoms and the Constitution
50:790:480 Radical Politics 
50:790:490 Special Topics:  9/11 and 9/11 Revisionism
50:790:490 Selected Special Topics – Students are advised to check with Dr. Harris – – regarding which Selected Special Topics count towards the National Security Minor.