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National Security Minor

The altered threat environment of the twenty first century has created many new career opportunities in the fields of national security and homeland security at the national, state and local levels. Majors and Non-Majors may click here for the courses and requirements for the Political Science Program in National and Homeland Security.  Please see your Political Science Advisor or the Department Chair for further information.

Students who are interested in careers in the State, Defense and Homeland Security Departments, including the National Security Agency, CIA, FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as well as in the Counter -Terrorism units of local police forces (or in law enforcement generally) will find this minor an attractive addition to their resumes.

This minor is also recommended for all students (majors and non-majors) who are interested in learning more about the global challenges faced by the United States. Students interested in pursuing a graduate program in National Security can find more information on graduate programs here.