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Minor Requirements

Minor Requirements

All courses counting towards the Political Science major or minor must be in-classroom or hybrid courses offered through the Camden Political Science Department unless the student has received prior approval from the department chair for an online course or one at another Rutgers Campus.

Non-majors interested in Political Science may choose one of three minors:

General Political Science 
The requirements are 50:790:101 Introduction to Politics, one course (3 credits) in each of the three areas of concentration, plus any two additional courses within the department.

International Politics
 This program helps the student to develop expertise and specialized knowledge in international politics, foreign policy, and foreign area studies. The requirements are six courses (18 credits) from the International Politics concentration list.

Public Administration and Government Service
 This program provides the student with a core of courses and an internship experience, both dealing with public policy and management. While the program is geared for career-minded students, it stresses the importance of acquiring an appreciation of ethical values and the political context in which public policy is made. The requirements are as follows:

  1. 50:790:342 Principles of Public Administration
  2. Four courses (12 credits) in American Politics and Public Policy in addition to 50:790:342
  3. An internship arranged under either 50:790:296 Practical Politics or 50:790:397 Individual Internship in Political Science